The First Month

      This blog is intended to take up a lot of my time. I want to remember the things that I have learned through this year. Nathanial and I got married in November, he left this February. And the countdown began… For the last month I have doing my best to get off my ass and get a job, or at least do some volunteering. The only worthwhile things I have actually accomplished during the past 26 days are: starting an application to graduate school, ordering books to study for the GRE (not actually studying), making 2 care packages to send to Afghanistan, worked out 3 times, started participating in online study research in some backwards attempt to contribute to our financial situation, and started watching Army Wives on Netflix.

Things you will need (Things I needed):

Cats (Or any animal, or child…)

     (anything cuddley really…)

Sampson and Snooki

A Computer


Large Flat Rate Boxes

Customs Forms

A Pintrest Account

     (To keep track of all of the recipes, and crafts you want to send your loved one!)


Baking Materials

Crafting Supplies

A Wide Range of Bathing Supplies

     (Baths get me through the lonely evenings usually)




A freezer full of frozen meat, and vegetables

A gym membership, or access to one on post

A friend, or family member, who you can talk to at anytime.

Some of the qualities that I have learned will be crucial to the next 11 months:

Patience with myself

     (Sometimes I have a hard time getting out of bed… I’m starting to realize that’s okay every once in awhile)

Trust in Nathanial


     (Someday, he will come home, that day will be worth the misery of this year…)

     The past 3.5 weeks have been the longest of my life. I just graduated, moved, got married, and had to say goodbye to my husband, as well as all of my friends in Fort Collins. But the past few days have given me a lot of hope. I have started to hang out and talk to some really great woman, who are, or have gone, through the same thing as me. I’m getting closer to applying for a job, as well as volunteering for the hospital. I also want to get back into the studio and start making art… (in a quiet way). Even this blog is a chance to start taking advantage of the time my caring husband has given me to decide what to do with my life

So far, I have made Pralines, Irish Car Bomb Cookies (The frosting on these is to die for!), 52 things I love about you cards, Pie in a Jar … And a dorky pillowcase:

I’m also working on a mix CD. Here are the songs so far (let me know if there are any other songs I should include!):

Somebody That I Used To Know-Gotye

Paradise- ColdPlay

Video Games- Lana Del Rey

We Are Young- FUN

Off To The Races- Lana Del Rey

Cough Syrup- Young The Giant

Ass Back Home- Gym Class Heroes

Born To Die- Lana Del Rey

Simple Song- The Shins

Calgary- Bon Iver

Love Interruption- Jake White

     For the next 11 months I will continue to craft, write letters, take baths, bake, watch Army Wives, read, frequent the post office, try to get the motivation to apply for a job, talk to friends, skype with Nate when possible, and wait…

Thanks for reading! Stay Tuned, and let me know if you have questions! Or comments!

Your devoted Army Wife,


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3 thoughts on “The First Month

  1. Keep your chin up! I found that series’ of shows kept me sane (or, well, they kept me thinking I was sane) I felt like I made friends with the characters LoL.

    I honestly cant wait to make care packages next time – probably the only thing I am looking forward to about it, duh. Look online for the crazy packages wives decorate with themes and stuff. They are crazy, and look like they’d be fun to do.

    Don’t feel bad if you want to go out, or if you want to become a recluse. Whatever you need to do to keep yourself on the happy side of nuts is what you need to do 😀

    • Thanks! I’ve decorated the care packages I’ve sent so far! (What with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, it’s the least I could do). I would say “the happy side of nuts” is a good term for it!
      Thanks again!

  2. Nathanial Friesen on said:

    Your an amazing woman Amanda my only comment is that our time apart just got shorter. see you in November my love!

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