He Has Me By My Heart

Things I have googled in the past 27 days:

“pubic hair during deployment”

“deployment mix cds”

“spin boldak news”

(at least 7 times)

“sad about husband deploying”

“skype sex”

“make sleep mask”

“fur between cat toes”

“how to make a year go by”

My first Care Package! Sent February 20, 2012!

I included notes on everything. He really liked that part. Even on the coffee and coffee filters. I think that was the best part about this care package. I forgot to take a picture of the one i just sent! 😦

Before You Deployed:

Pinning Your Corporal:

The Man I Love:

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6 thoughts on “He Has Me By My Heart

  1. Love this! I was active duty and my boyfriend still is. We are Navy but let me tell you, that package right there is what keeps us going. Great job with it! It looks amazing! Stay strong! 🙂

    • Thanks! They are really fun to make! And I love how happy he sounds when he gets them. I figure 2 or so a month… 2 down 22 to go! 🙂
      I’m already planning his b-day one, Zombie theme!! Let me know if you have any ideas!


      • haha that sounds like fun!! It was my boyfriend’s b-day yesterday and unfortunately he is underway and getting ready to leave. So all I sent was some of his favorite candy and a gift card. Simple but sweet. That is the way to go always.

  2. Plan something to do each month so you can count down to that and make the months go by faster. I watched a Netflix movie I think everynight – went to the library every other saturday and had coffee on the way home to start reading a book. Go to a movie every tuesday (make it randome)…..having something to do really helps!!!!

    • That’s a great idea, I might be spending a little more time with Netflix than I should though. Ha, my next goal is getting a job! Then I’ll have something to kill time, and make a little extra cash…
      I love the library, and the movie idea is great! Thanks for the advice!

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